Monday, January 11, 2010

Rustbelt Odyssey

We released Rustbelt Odyssey today, the autobiography of by parents' longtime friend, Norman Krandall.

It was a long time in coming: Norman contacted me nearly two years ago, when I was busy trying to get three books ready to release, and began work in earnest sometime in late 2008.

Aside from my Dad's book --- which was a surprise 85th birthday present --- this is the first book I've edited. (Well...I guess I could include my Shakespeare book, too. But he's been dead for quite a while, and wasn't likely to yell at me if I did something he didn't like. I have heard stories that the cemetary groudskeepers in Stratford-upon-Avon keep hearing the sounds of someone turning over in one of the graves, but I think they're mostly internet rumors). It was fun, but quite a challenge, trying to smooth out the writing without "taking over", and losing the author's own narrative voice.

I hope people like it. I enjoyed working on it...though I'm looking forward to having time to work on my own stuff now. Like the already-completed novel I need to release...and figuring out how to market the damn things!

But for's nice to take a deep breath. And it's nice, helping to bring someone else's dream to print.

JEFFREY CAMINSKY, a veteran public prosecutor in Detroit, Michigan, specializes in the appellate practice of criminal law and writes on a wide range of topics. His books include the science fiction adventure novel The Star Dancers, the exciting second volume in the Guardians of Peace-tm series, The Sonnets of William Shakespeare, and the acclaimed Referee’s Survival Guide, a book on soccer officiating. All are published by New Alexandria Press, and are available on Amazon, as well as directly from the publisher.

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