Monday, April 1, 2019

March Madness: The Political Bracket

Excitement a-Plenty Along the Way...
and Now for the Grand Finale!

This year, the Final Four produced some exciting matches along the way, but few real surprises.  Rachel Maddow from the Cable Regional will face off against Paul Krugman from the Print Regional in the first semi-final, and Stephen Colbert from the Network Regional will do battle with the Twitterati Champion, Laurence Tribe, in the nightcap

Frankly...I think the Maddow vs Krugman matchup would have made a great Final. I think they came from the two toughest regions...and the Cable Regional, in particular, was this season's "Group of Death," including such gritty competitors as John Oliver, Don Lemon, John Brennan, and the ever-dangerous "Morning Joe" Scarborough. It's also a shame that Joy Behar and Michael Avenatti faced off in the first round. Aventatti's upset win over an overconfident Behar seems to have taken a lot out of him, making him an easy mark for Colbert, who simply sailed through to the Final Four.

All in all, I think Maddow will take Krugman...though the latter's narrow win over Max Boot in the Sweet Sixteen prevented the Boot-Maddow matchup that so many fans were eagerly anticipating. And I think Colbert will be no match for Tribe, setting up an historic Maddow-Tribe Final...something Elizabeth Warren could only dream of.

And the winner...the one with the most egg on his (or her) face? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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