Monday, August 24, 2009

Problems Avoided

Nonie and I have been thinking of moving. Despite a home that's fully paid-for, the thoughts of relocating after retirement were becoming a greater part of our thoughts and conversations since I retired. Usually, those thoughts involve a bit more usable land, and a house with all the living quarters on the main floor. But we'd stumbled across a piece of property a ways outside of town---which had a much bigger house than we thought we'd be buying...and needed a bit of work...but which struck both of us as a place we could really settle into.

Things often have a way of working out for the best. Today, we'd planned on looking at a house, on 4-1/2 tranquil (and foreclosed) acres near Milford. Just before heading out, the realtor called to tell us not to bother: someone else had just made an offer.

Rather than gnashing our teeth over what might have been, I'd rather think of "problems we avoided": house payments on a money pit...and a house that would be keep us toiling from dawn to dusk, far away from friends and family.

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