Monday, March 23, 2009

Goodbye to an Old Friend

We buried Callie today.

She died last December, a week before Christmas. Seeing that she was starting to suffer as a result of a lengthy illness, Nonie and I took her for a last walk...and a last drive to the doctor, where she fell asleep in our arms.

Because of the business and bustle of the holidays, and the press of winter, we decided to postpone laying her to rest until the weather changed. Today, in the first days of a new spring, we took her to one of her favorite places on Earth---the Yanik Family Farm, just outside of Jackson. And there, on a hillside beneath some trees, we put her in the ground.

Jason was there too, needing the chance to say a last goodbye. And we all helped dig her grave, and lay her in her final bed.

I was all right until we took her out of the plastic bag the Vet had stored her in. But seeing her again brought back all the old memories---the playful puppy, the loving companion, the pure joy she showed whenever anyone returned...or showed her the slightest love or attention.

Partings are always sad; and losing someone you love, no matter what species she may be, is always painful.

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