Friday, February 6, 2009


Three weeks to go....

After what seems like a lifetime of work, and thought, and a career of serving the People of the State of Michigan, it boils down to three more weeks. Then, I'm officially retired. While I'll be around for another year after that, on part-time contract to help the Office transition into the future, it won't feel the same. Or be the same.

Already, I can feel the Office changing around me. People are congratulating me (and the others, who also took the County's retirement proposal) and wishing us well. But the place is already starting to change out from under us. And soon, we'll be little more than a memory, fading into Office lore.

Three weeks...and as much as I'm looking forward to having the time to do things I've dreamed about doing, I'll be savoring every last moment.

JEFFREY CAMINSKY, a veteran public prosecutor in Detroit, Michigan, specializes in the appellate practice of criminal law and writes on a wide range of topics. His books include the science fiction adventure novel The Star Dancers, the exciting second volume in the Guardians of Peace-tm series, The Sonnets of William Shakespeare, and the acclaimed Referee’s Survival Guide, a book on soccer officiating. All are published by New Alexandria Press, and are available on Amazon, as well as directly from the publisher.

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