Monday, September 29, 2008


Welcome to all who come to visit...whether you're just passing through, or curious about what I have to say. I suspect this site will be undergoing changes in the coming months...and may move entirely. But I've been meaning to start up a Blog for quite some time---and with everything else that's been happening, I haven't had the time to set one up on my own website ( and so I thought I'd take the easy way for now, and see how it goes.

Through the course of the summer, I've been busy readying my latest three books to send off to the printer. Already a half-month behind schedule, it looked for a time as if I'd never be finished...but now I'm just awaiting the new proofs (and hoping I don't find anything else that needs correcting).

I hear that "Perfect" should never be the enemy of "Done"...but when it's your own work that's about to be sent off into the cruel world to fend for itself, it's hard not to fuss and fret. I hope to release all three books---The Sonnets of William Shakespeare, The Sirens of Space, and The Star Dancers---within a matter of days, and should be scheduling book signings and appearances before long.

While I've been planning to release the sci-fi noves (Sirens and Star Dancers) for quite some time, the Shakespeare book is probably what's put things so far behind schedule. With three books to lay out, edit, and proof read, it's taken quite a lot of time and effort. And doing it all by myself, while juggling work, home, vacations, and other committments, hasn't exactly been relaxing. But we're nearing the end...and I hope to have good news to report later this week, once the new proofs arrive.

I'll be posting here and elsewhere...and will keep readers, visitors, and other interested souls apprised of the latest in the World of Caminsky. (Non-interested souls, bless their hearts, will be kept apprised as well...though I suspect they won't be paying much attention). I'll also post links to other sites and blogs I'll be maintaining...and if anyone has any comments or suggestions, I'll be happy to hear them.

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